Adult Martial Arts

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What if you could lose some of your excess weight while doing a fitness program that is FUN and ENJOYABLE instead of boring and lame.

Our classes are different every day and led by great instructors!

Plus, you’ll learn valuable self-defense tools to help you in case of an emergency. Never again will you be afraid to be home alone, walk to your car alone in the dark or be caught in an unfortunate or violent situation.

You’ll be equipped to defend yourself!

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Discover our Teen/Adult Programs 

For those ages 13+

CORE Kyokushin Kai

Introduce your young one to martial arts! In this fun, super-hero inspired class, they get to learn basic strikes as well as character development.

CORE Kyokushin-Kai is a traditional Japanese Karate program that focuses heavily on Kihon (Basics), Kata (Forms) and Kumite (Fighting).

Sensei Bo Mowdy (Sandan) and Sempai Michael Kramp (Shodan) are certified black belts through the North American Kyokushin Organization (NAKO). CORE Martial Arts is a proud member of the Absolute Martial Arts Alliance under Sensei Todd Hutchison (Yondan) based in Rochester, NY.

For those ages 16+

Krav Maga

For 16 year olds and up who want to KICK it up a notch! Learn the martial arts style of the Israeli army. This is a martial arts style that focuses on real-world situations and is extremely efficient.

Krav Maga is a self-defesne system developed for the Israel Defense Forces that consists of simple and effective techniques. Krav Maga emphasizes threat neutralization, simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers and aggression. CORE Martial Arts is a proud Licensed Training Center for the United States Krav Maga Federation (USKMF). Mr. Michael Kramp is a Level 3 Certified Instructor.

Dana H.

I can't say enough how amazing the instructors here are. The transformation in my boys is beyond amazing!!

I travel all the way from North Edmond to train here. Core is just that good! It is a welcoming place and you will be a better person for training here. My kids love their classes too.

Sean W.